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    I am Amy Ehlers Wiley and I'm an artist, architect, and travel enthusiast from rural Missouri. I travel the world in search of great spaces that inspire and stir the soul, spaces that we can learn from and appreciate. After sketching sublime buildings, sprawling landscapes, ancient ruins, modern wonders, and spiritual masterpieces across the world, I come home to Springfield, Missouri to bring a little piece of that wonder to our local community. I hope to give everyone who visits my site a new lens through which to see and enjoy the world.


    For nearly 16 years now, I created art, studied architecture, designed buildings, traveled, and pursued a creative lifestyle. It wasn't until something shook my world that I decided to formally pursue a creative venture. ArtEffect began, in October of 2017, after a friend of a friend passed away from a long battle with breast cancer. I donated my first charcoal flower drawing to an art auction for her. From that moment on, my mission began - to create change in this world by giving back. With every purchase, 5-percent of the profit will be donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks.

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    Amy Ehlers Wiley

    Artist, Architect, & Photographer

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    Standing in her Artsfest booth

    Springfield, MO

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    Amy + Alex

    Sketching in San Francisco

    Amy with her husband and best sketching buddy.

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    Sketching in Florence, Italy

    From the Ponte Vecchio

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    Sketching in the Bavaria region of Germany

    At Neuschwanstein Castle

  • My Blog

    The Traveling Architect

    May 11, 2020 · Italy
    I’m back to my cappuccino again this weekend, but it’s a chilly May day on the front porch and I’ve been relegated to a window instead. I am contemplating a time nearly two-years ago when Alex and I finally landed in Rome after dark. Jet-lagged and dreary-eyed, we traveled from the airport into...
    I’m sitting on my porch in Springfield, Missouri drinking a homemade version of an Italian cappuccino as I write this, my first blog entry about traveling as an architect. What an ironic way to start a travel blog, during a pandemic with travel restrictions! Even the best laid plans don’t always...
  • Additional Items

    Didn't see something you want? My original charcoal drawings are large format and shipping and prices vary making them difficult to list in my shop. Feel free to contact me directly to purchase and we will work out the details. I also do commissions if you have a special item you would like drawn. Use the contact form below to inquire about these items.

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    My Original Charcoal Drawings

    $100.00 - $300.00

    Contact me directly to purchase by sending a message in the contact form below. The Zinnia's and Coneflowers are 18" x 24" with a light gray matte making the final size 24" x 30". The roses are 12" x 18" with a light gray matte making them 18" x 24". I also have a 12" x 18" morning glory drawing (purple flower) that is not matted. I could have it matted for you and ready for purchase.

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    Contact me for commissions or shows.

    Springfield, MO 65804